Platform Sourcing

Sourcing a new platform can be complex.
The consequences of getting it wrong can be expensive and damage business & stakeholder reputation. We have a proven methodology to ensure you get it right.

Product Management as a Service

Is demand for your platform growing at a pace that you simply can't keep up? Do you need someone to help you engage with stakeholders, manage demand, increase adoption or assess commercial options but can't justify a full-time product owner? This service is for you.

Business (or non-IT) Onboarding

Another area of the business coming onboard your service management platform? Do they need help getting started? E.g. scope definition, data, integration & license requirements. Do they realise what they need to do? E.g. organisational change management, training, communications. We help them, IT and the platform win.

Solution Matching

Have a business problem and looking for a solution to solve it? Customers are turning to Nexo as there out-of-house R&D partner who can source products from around the world quickly and cost effectively. Contact us and challenge us with finding a solution to solve a business problem.